Reimagining Digital Play

Merging digital & active play

Grasshopper supports kids first steps into the digital world through technology and active play.



Get kids moving

We combine visual and audio based activities to get kids up, moving and interacting with the world. Supporting them to develop key coordination, fine motor and active skills through play.

Foster meaningful friendships

Grasshopper is entirely portable, versatile and fun for parents and children alike. Connect multiple sets, play together and build relationships.


through play

Grasshopper is focused on providing all the benefits of digital technology and interactive learning without the pitfalls of inactive screen time.

 Designed for kids, with their wellbeing at heart


Curated content

Created to guide learning, skills based growth and development through digital and active play.


Safe and durable

Rigorously tested to ensure our tiles are child safe and durable enough for even the most energetic kids.


Ultimate portability

Staying in or heading out to the park or a beach? Take Grasshopper with you for hours of endless play.


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We're revolutionising the future of play and equipping kids to thrive in an increasingly technology filled world.